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The comprehensive plan presents goals, policies and objectives for the immediate and long range protection, enhancement, growth and development of the community that were important in 2008 and remain so today. The Town Board, on July 18, 2016, reaffirmed the relevance of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan and moved to continue using it as a guide for the community for another 5 years.  
Comprehensive Plan

At the end of 2008, the Town of Greenville adopted a Comprehensive Plan to guide its citizens and town board over the next five years. Residents will work collectively to conserve and enhance Greenville's small-town rural character and natural beauty. Growth will be well planned and aestheically pleasing and will create new economic opportunities for all. Desired services will be supported by a productive tax base that is broad, diverse and growing.

The Town went through an extensive public process to develop the Comprehensive Plan. Steps included:
• Final Open Meeting
• Review by County Board
• Monthy meetings
• Visioning Workshop
• Community questionnaire
• Other open workshops
• Information posted on website

Comprehensive Plan Goals

Goal One: Greenville will adopt sustainable land use practices, initiate design and aesthetic standards, revise its zoning and preserve historic buildings and places.

Goal Two: Greenville will provide responsive, open and transparent local government. Professional leadership and excellent communication with residents will inspire a collaborative environment for successful and speedy implementation of community plans.

Goal Three: New housing in the hamlets of Greenville will be designed and planned to fit with the Town's rural and historic character. Greater housing choice, including senior housing, vacation and Town homes will be available. Asserive code enforcement and rehabilitation programs will enhance older homes and rental property.

Goal Four: Greenville will improve and expand municipal infrastructiure including public sewer and water systems to support new and existing development. It will encourage state of the art telecommunications infrastructure to spark business development through technology growth. Excellent transportation will include well-maintained roads, public transit shelters, bike lanes and racks, and a network of sidewalks in the hamlets.

Goal Five: Greenville will offer a full array of recreation and cultural resources and high performing educational facilities that provide opportunities to residents of all ages.

Goal Six: Greenville will conserve its environmental resources including the picturesque natural setting, water resources, farms and open spaces.

Goal Seven: Greenville will encourage a knowledge-based, "green" economy that is competitive and prosperous. It will promote commercial expansion, niche retail and specialty farming. Small technology companies will flourish with enhanced telecommunication infrastructure. New and existing commercial property will be visually attractive and complement community character.


Resident goals
Beautiful open space
Clean air
Mountain views
Parks and pond
Great library
3 Public Golf courses
Main Streets and Hamlets
Long term businesses
Stable families
Historic buildings
Excellent school
Great people

Planning Principles
Small town and rural character
Sustainable and green
Open space conservation
Agriculture preservation
Walkable and accessible
Housing quaility, choice, affordability
Hamet Revitalization
People friendly and culturally diverse
Connecivity and density
Public space

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