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Hours:  Monday through Friday:  8 am - 3 pm. Evening and weekend hours by appointment.  I am often here at times and days other than those posted; please call!

Local government is the branch of government most directly affecting people's lives; the Town Clerk is often seen as "the face" of local government. Knowing this, I am here to serve and assist you. If you have any questions, please stop by my office in the Town Hall (Pioneer Building) or contact me by phone or email.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are dog permits handled?
The Town Clerk handles dog permits. A certificate of rabies vaccination is needed for a dog license as required by state law. Please see see the Town's web page on Dog Control for more information, or the "Law" tab to review local laws pertaining to licensing and activities of dogs.

How do I obtain a Marriage license
Both parties must appear, with proof of age and identity.  If the marriage is not a first marriage, proof of dissolution of the prior marraige is necessary.   A marriage license can be issued by any Clerk in New York State, regardless of where you wish to be married.  

Getting Married in New York State

Getting a Copy of your Marriage License
If the license was issued in this office, a certified copy can be prepared here.  If if was not issued here, the Department of Health Vital Records section can prepare a copy for you.  Their number is 877-854-4481.

Obtaining Copies of Vital Records
Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available to certain individuals only.  Please refer to the Department of Health website for FAQ's or to print out the necessary forms, or call the Town Clerk for guidance. 

Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot
Forms can be obtained at the Clerk's Office in the Pioneer Building.

Uncertified copy requests for genealogical purposes can be provided if certain conditions are met:  for Birth Certificates, they must be on file for at least 75 years, and the person must be known to be deceased.  For Death or Marriage Certificates, they must be on file for at least 50 years, and both parties known to be deceased. 

Parking for People with Disabilities
Permanent and Temporary Handicapped Tags are available here with a Doctor's order.  You must obtain the tag from the Town in which you live.

Notary Public Services are available at the Clerk's office.   


Rabies Clinics
For more information click here.

Standard Workday Resolution
Per requirements of the NYS Office of State Comptroller, the following is a resolution made by the Town Board to continue a Standard Workday of 6 hours for Elected and Appointed Officials. The required postings are attached. Please click on the link to view said resolution.  

How to license your dog


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